Thursday, September 6, 2007

Are we sleepwalking towards extinction?

In the news the last few years there have been a growing number of meteorites that have been reported to have hit the earth. This reporting rarely reaches the headlines in the mainstream media. If it does, then the article mentions that it is exceedingly rare and sometimes perhaps to reinforce this perception of rarity, the article will mention the impact that wiped out the dinosaurs 65million years ago. 65 million years is hard to relate to in human terms and most people will probably think that meteors only happen on a scale of million of years, so why worry.

It has been mentioned before on several alternative news sites that we might be close to extinction and much evidence has been gathered and presented that points to that a number of cyclical cometary showers are converging on Planet earth in the very near future and that the picture ain’t looking pretty.

A couple of weeks ago I got interested to look closer at meteor impact craters, as I had just read the book ‘The Cycle of cosmic catastrophes’ by Firestone, West and Warwick-Smith. The book is an excellent read and it details the scientific evidence that a meteor caused a catastrophic impact 13000 years ago, that wiped out the Clovis culture in North America and triggered a 1400 year return to the Ice Age. The book mentions further that there are 174 known impact sites from meteors during Earth’s history and that number is rapidly growing with the help of Satellite images, though NASA is a little resistant in keeping this number updated. NASA doesn’t like entertaining in public the idea of cometary showers invading the inner solar system and therefore often engages in damage control rather than admitting the facts.

What I discovered was that it is not so unusual for meteors to fall, as we are commonly led to believe. Did you know that there are craters in Russia from a hit in 1947 with diameters up to 26 meters in diameter? It certainly was news to me and as I dug deeper, I saw that there have been numerous impacts in historic times. In other words no need to go back to dinosaur times to encounter them. The better known meteor hit was the Tunguska meteor in Russia in 1908 that felled an estimated 60million trees over an area of 2,150 square kilometers. If you would like to visualize how big that is, then picture standing in a circle with a radius of 26 kilometers ( ~16 miles).

Another hit that bears mentioning is the Wabar craters in Saudi Arabia. They are estimated to be from less than 260 years ago with some eye witness reports from as recent as the late 19th century. Three craters have been found with the biggest 116 meters in diameter. They managed to recover a fragment and it weighed 2.2 tonnes! Just this piece alone struck with an explosion roughly equivalent to the atom bomb that leveled Hiroshima.

You might say that is okay, since only few people live in the desert, but meteors are unpredictable as to where they land. Should one land within some kilometers from a nuclear plant then all hell breaks loose. And don’t count on emergency procedures to have any effect. As mentioned on a forum on the internet:
The nuclear industry for energy production today relies on a stable society where the whole infrastructure is functioning. In case of a slight accident, emergency procedures and contingency plans are activated, yet they rely on
1) Power supply
2) People to implement the emergency procedures and contingency plans
3) Helicopter and aircraft to encapsulate the reactor as seen with Chernobyl
4) Normal infrastructure such as roads, communications network etc.

Most likely no one will show up for work that day, who are on the roster for the emergency procedures, as they would be either dead, injured or in a catatonic state of shock in the aftermath. We can ignore this and believe in the uniformitarian world view that neatly relegates catastrophic events into the geological past, if acknowledging them at all, but is that really such a smart way of caring for the planet and those who will inhabit it after us?

Currently there are 441 nuclear power stations and many countries and lobby groups see nuclear power as the only way to combat carbon emissions. And we haven’t even taken monster earthquakes and massive volcanic eruptions into the equation and they certainly have appeared many times in the past.

Of the last major impact that happened in historical times and which brought on the dark ages we only have to go to the year 535/536 AD.

One article tells about a “ giant meteor or similar” which likely catapulted the Northern hemisphere into a nuclear style winter and started a worldwide catastrophe:
''The disaster coincided with a deepening of the Dark Ages - and appears to mark a turning point in human history,'' he said. Ancient chroniclers recorded that the sun ''became dim'' and ''its darkness lasted for 18 months''.
The crops failed in Italy, Mesopotamia, China, the British Isles and elsewhere - and terrible famines, plague and war broke out causing long-term economic and urban decline. In some parts of China, 70-80 per cent of the population died.
The cosmic explanation is probably the front runner - because a large volcanic eruption would normally leave an acid ''signature'', detectable in ice cores obtained from deep within the Greenland ice-cap.

So if you wonder why we aren’t taught about the cycles of cosmic catastrophes and the lack of coverage of fireballs in the mainstream media then think about the power of distraction. With the use of fear based propaganda the world population is distracted into believing in the politically driven climate change debate and in bogus enemies right, left and centre. That fear has reached a stage, where the inmates have taken over the asylum, with the consent of the general population, because "in states of fear and excitement, normally sensible human beings will accept the most wildly improbably suggestions". The psychopaths in control do not care about you and me. If so they wouldn’t have used Depleted Uranium in the Middle East and other places indiscriminately, with total disregard to the consequences of radiation of vast areas (including Europe and the US). Nor would they continue to spend obscene amounts of money on warfare, death and destruction. The authors in the book “The cycles of cosmic catastrophes” mention that there is little funding available for research into cometary impacts and devising of survival strategies. The prize of a fighter plane is all that is needed to fund this research.

This does not mean that the psychopaths in power don’t have knowledge of the impending cometary impact. They most likely are very well informed and decide to ride it out in underground caves, while 90%+ of the population is wiped out like the megafauna 13000 years ago. But the best way for them to continue with their evil plans is to have the population totally ignorant of the nature of their leaders and of the situation that we are in. A nation sleepwalking over the cliff is so much easier to control and manipulate, than an informed population that is aware of the true nature of their leaders. It is high time to wake up from the slumber!

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