Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Evidence of past cosmic impact?

Yesterday I saw an article with the title Prehistoric women had passion for fashion". It tells about recent finds from the Vinca culture, that showed not only signs of a metropolis and a high degree of sophistication, but also that there was an eye for fashion and use of copper:

One of the most exciting finds for archaeologists was the discovery of a sophisticated metal workshop with a furnace and tools including a copper chisel and a two-headed hammer and axe.

"This might prove that the Copper Age started in Europe at least 500 years earlier than we thought," Kuzmanovic said.

The Copper Age marks the first stage of humans' use of metal, with copper tools used alongside older stone implements. It is thought to have started around the 4th millennium BC in south-east Europe, and earlier in the Middle East.

The Vinca culture flourished from 5500 to 4000 BC on the territories of what is now Bosnia, Serbia, Romania and Macedonia.

Now what caught my eye, was the fact that the ancient settlement was destroyed by what the article describes as a huge fire:

The settlement was destroyed at some point, probably in the first part of the fifth millennium, by a huge fire.

The mention of a HUGE fire reminded me of the description given in the book The Cycle of Cosmic Catastophes,of the meteor impacts that scorched the Northern Hemisphere and made the mega fauna extinct 12900 years ago.

In Russia there is the well known Macha craters, which are estimated to be less than 7000 years old. Now what if this meteor that produced these craters didn't come alone, but was part of a swarm and one of the other bolides was the cause of the huge fire that destroyed the Vinca settlement? Unlikely? Well think again.

That comets come at regular intervals and in swarms, was highlighted in a recent article/video called Something Wicked This Way Comes:

War, rumors of war, corrupt governments run by psychopaths, phony terrorism, burgeoning police states...but is that all we have to worry about? What if there was something to put it all in context? Or rather, what if there is something else we are missing, something that is beyond the control of even the political and corporate elite; something that is driving them to attempt to herd the global population to an ever finer order of control...

Did the Vinca settlement encounter one of the cyclical swarms of meteors circling the sun???

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