Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Wake up Europeans, wake up!

I know it can be seen as an insult to say wake up to someone, as it implies that the person is asleep, but I am at a loss to understand my fellow Europeans.

The papers across Europe is filled with headlines about the bloodshed in Syria and with rising calls for a humanitarian intervention. It appears that the leaders of the Western world is very concerned about humanity and human life but is that really true ?

Where was the Western world and the concern for human life :

1) When the sovereign country of Iraq was illegally attacked by a US coalition in 2003 and which killed 1.5 million Iraqis and left 4+ million as refugees ?
2) When the sovereign state of Afghanistan was attacked by a US coalition in 2001, leaving uncounted tens of thousand people dead and the country shattered?
3) When the sovereign state of Lebanon was attacked in 2006 by Israel leaving about 1200 Lebanese dead and a heavily damaged infrastructure. The US supplied clusterbombs in the very last days of the war with indiscriminate killings as a result?
4) When Gaza was attacked by Israel in December 2008, that left 1300 Palestinians dead. Illegal white phosphor bombs were used.
5) In the Post-Gaddafi Libya, where lawlessness, torture, ethnic cleansings and violence rules?

The list could go on, but the point is that the whole mainstream media that talks about the horrors of life in Syria and the need for a humanitarian intervention DID NOT object to the loss of civilian life in the above mentioned instances. Instead the actions of the aggressors were defended and excused.

The distortion of what is happening in Syria is like looking at the world through a coke bottle and pretending to see clearly. The information that is reported in the western media is coming from activists and sources with close ties to western intelligence agencies and Muslim extremists. All other sources that show a different picture on the ground are omitted. But these sources paint a very different picture of what is going on.

It should raise a little bit of suspicion when countries such as Saudi Arabia calls for regime change in Syria, when that same regime is extremely repressive towards its own population and has sent troops in to quell the popular uprising in Bahrain that is brutally put down. The US and their European Allies(and the western media) are not concerned about supporting human rights and the popular uprising in Bahrain, but has instead visited the rulers repeatedly over the last year and approved more weapon sales to the regime.
Bahrain has been ruled by the Al-Khalifa tribe since 1786, with the Prime Minister, Khalifah bin Salman al-Khalifah in power since 1971.

Yemen is another country where the popular protests are brutally put down, yet nothing is heard thereof in the Western media. It is no surprise to learn that the rulers of Yemen have the backing of the US. The recent presidential election only had one candidate and he was backed by the US. Guess who won that election? Needless to say, the US was happy about it and called it a show of democracy.

It should also raise a bit of suspicion
1) when Al-qaeda joins in the calls for regime change and actively works and receives weapons from the West.
2) when Western Governments fund, arm and train mercenaries to create havoc in Syria
3) when news about the events on the ground is exclusively from groups hostile to the Syrian government.
4) when Western forces are caught being active on the ground.

Democracy has never come about through military invasions.

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